Hello World!

The beginning of everything you do no matter in which programming language is to write Hello World! Having said that lets do it :) This first blog post is going to focus on how it came to this blog and what I do want to write and provide here. It will also tell a little bit about me and who I am.

Published on September 28, 2021

why what beginning

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Hello World!

How it came to this website and blog

First of all I need to say I do run a bare metal server for years already and I do have several domains registered as well. I did never use those to publish a website, so mostly they where running into default pages and thats it. However, I did use those for E-Mail, running my little projects (I do want to write about them as well here), running game servers in the last years just Factorio :) As said I was never running any real website behind any of my domains but a nice collegue mentioned to me I should write a book or at least start running a blog writing about what I’m doing.

He actually does know only how I communicate with others public and in private and what I do at work which surprised me. Thinking about that it actually made a lot of sense to me and I decided to give this Idea a try. That is why you do read this now :D

Why a blog?

As mentioned previously there is a nice collegue that likes how I talk and yes I think he is write over the years being a professional Software Engineer I learned how to talk to people, both verbally and in written text form. Always when there where difficult projects or things to discuss or aline I could manage to do that in a productive, friendly and good way. Multiple people even mentioned that to me over the years that I can do that in a very good way. Honestly, I need to admit that I do mistakes nowadays often enough also because I’m not a native english speaker. But in case I do fail it was never a problem since it is about how to handle it and not about how to blame me or anybody else :)
So why a blog now? It is easy to answer I dont wan’t to write a whole book and I think it is worth to share important things and learnings I had over the years in different fields. So here we are on this first blog post about how its started.

What to see here?

In this blog I want to write about things that other people may need, things they are interested in or stuff that just helps. A list of topics I have in mind is following: Learnings from my professional career, photography and videography which I do as a hobby and post on my public instagram account, little projects I did for myself for example a fertilizer machine for our fish tank at home and also a feeding machine for it, 3D printing and more. I hope it will help some people or better say people gonna find it through google and other sources so it may help them.

Stay tuned and see you soon